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About Us


  1. "Ekam Sat Vipraah bahudhaa vadanti" � "God (Truth) is One, but men speak as many: -- Thus say the Vedas. The Holy Bible says that "God is Truth". The Holy Quoran says that "Allah" is the Lord of the day of the Judgment of the world".

    We believe that God is One and we are His creation. We should worship the Creator in Spirit and Truth.
  2. When a leader forbids the reading of scriptures of other religions inspired of God, he digs his own grave and his religion ceases to be a movement.

    All the Scriptures of God are divinely inspired and are to be impartially and reverentially studied deeply by all the mankind irrespective of difference in religion. Then only with the Grace of God our Creator, we are enlightened with His Divine presence.
  3. We Endeavour to practice what we profess from the past forty-five years that God is our Father, Creator and we all are fellow brethren and sisters. There is no difference of caste or community, religion, colour, creed, or nation.
  4. In these terrific days of violence, arson, in all the corners of our country and the whole world, resulting in multifarious divisions and destructions in the name of religion, caste, community, colour, nationality, resulting in the total destruction of the world, we sincerely believe and call the whole mankind to Be United Under The Banner of God's Love, which He showed on us by giving Himself as Sacrifice for the blessing of the whole universe before the world began (Ref. Purushasuktam of Rig Veda, Bhagavad Gita 3:10, Holy Bible � Rev. 13:8 (b), 1:8; I Jn. 3:6).
  5. We believe in total Ahimsa with all heavenly powers and believe in God's final judgment and vengeance by Him soon and that it will ultimately prevail in this generation.

    We believe that the same Almighty God, Our Creator has come down fulfilling the prophecies of all the divinely inspired sages and saints throughout the ages, to deliver His Real chosen people from the hands of the violence of this world and to usher in Dharma Yugam (Millenium).
  6. Our Land is privileged to be chosen place of God our Creator to reveal Himself to the world before His Final Judgment begins on the earth. The Real Unity shall be obtained only under His Wings and not under any man or religion.

    We appeal to you all to just think for a few moments before you criticise us, What if we are right !!!

    Please think and meditate on That One God, The Creator who is among you, over you and will be in You (if you sincerely believe), eagerly awaiting at your door (heart) to talk to you.

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